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Can ED be Cured?

  • Friday 10 December 2021
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There is no cure-all for erectile dysfunction, but ED symptoms may be reversed with the proper treatment. Treating your ED depends on the cause of your symptoms. ED treatment with Cialis or Viagra can help address difficulty getting or keeping an erection. Read on to learn more about how ED can be treated.

It Depends on the Cause of your ED

Treating ED depends on several factors, and “curing” sexual dysfunction may not be possible for everyone. ED can occur at any point in a man’s life, but older men are more likely to experience symptoms. Older men have lower testosterone levels and are more likely to have accompanying conditions that also cause ED. Physical causes of ED include:

Diabetes: Diabetes is caused by unregulated blood sugar levels and may severely affect your sexual health. Over time, high blood sugar levels can constrict your blood vessels and restrict blood flow. This is a big issue if blood cannot enter the penis when you become sexually aroused. If you believe that your ED symptoms are related to diabetes, you may want to talk to your doctor to ensure that your diabetes condition is under control.

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Obesity: Being obese affects your everyday activities as well as your sex life. Obesity also increases your risk of other conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. Excess body fat also creates more estrogen in the body, which may decrease the quality of your erections.

Cardiovascular diseases: There is a strong link between ED and heart disease. Other cardiovascular issues like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and high blood pressure increase the risk of ED. Both of these conditions reduce blood circulation. Healthy blood flow is essential for a successful sex life, so you can talk to your doctor if you are at risk for cardiovascular diseases. 1

If you are living with any of these physical causes of ED, it is important to make sure you are taking the right steps for your health. Sticking to your treatment plan can help improve your ED symptoms.

Non-Curable Causes of ED

If your ED is caused by a lifestyle-related medical condition, there is always a chance that treating your condition can improve ED symptoms. But there are several medical issues that may permanently affect your sex life.

Parkinson’s disease: Progressive nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s can affect movement and cause tremors. Over time, it can cause stiffness, difficulty walking, and affect coordination. It may also make it more difficult to achieve an erection if nerve signals are not communicating well with the penis.

Injury: If you have experienced an injury or trauma to the penis, you may experience ED throughout your life. Peyronie’s disease is caused by minor repetitive trauma to the penis, causing scarring of the connective tissue in the penis. This condition can cause permanent damage to penis and affect your sex life. 2

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Talk Openly with Your Doctor

The first step in all ED cases is to identify the root cause of your symptoms. This may involve several diagnostic tests to properly diagnosis any associated medical problems. When you meet with your doctor, you should be fully transparent and disclose any medications or injuries you have experienced in the past. Your doctor has likely heard it all before, so you do not have to feel embarrassed.

If you feel that you are lacking sexual desire, you may want to get your testosterone levels tested. As men age, testosterone levels may dip, causing several side effects that you may not notice right away. Other symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Fatigue 
  • Less beard growth
  • Loss of body hair
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Depression symptoms
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Weight gain 3

If you notice mood changes, your ED symptoms may also be related to psychological factors. The mind can affect the penis as much as the body, so if you are under chronic stress or having relationship issues, your ED symptoms may be more apparent. In addition to erectile dysfunction pills, your doctor may refer you to a psychologist or prescribe a mild antidepressant.

Using ED Medications

Even if you do not have a fully curable case of ED, Viagra and Cialis may help you tremendously. These medications make it easier to achieve an erection when sexual stimulation is present. Contrary to popular belief, ED drugs do not increase sexual desire. If you want to save money on your ED treatment, order ED meds online through mailMymeds today.

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